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We have created a concept and a production line of technical enclosures that have the ability to provide you an easy and fast installation. With the most competitive price on the market, these enclosures ensure the level of quality required by the standards of the European Community for equipment’s and installations on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

The ECORACK Wall Mounted Enclosures are provided in Kit Flat Pack, which is a huge advantage for import/export processes.

These Wall Mounted Enclosures includes a configuration set with tempered glass doors, perforated doors, flat or perforated panels, as well as a set of easy inclusion accessories, according to the requirements of the installation.

The expedition in Kit Flat Pack format represents a huge savings because it allows monetize transportation space and in installation environments, protects your equipment until installed.

Pioneer in 19 "technical cabinet kit concept, the ECORACK brand is recognized as the best solution for import and export processes. Fast assembly, with mounting manual included. Not need specific tools, only a Philips Screwdriver.


Ecorack wall mount enclosures Click to expand table
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(Kit Flat Pack)
Code Us Useful Us total Passo Height
Useful height of installation Mounting Width
Useful installation depth
Description General Drawing Dimensions
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211.ECAMA0T065504 6 327 550 400 9.4 ECORACK19" 6U M 550x400/Pt.Vid./2Pn.Fix 505x580x170
211.ECAMA0P065506 6 327 550 600 13 ECORACK19" 6U M 550x600/Pt.Vid./2Pn. 650x660x170
211.ECAMA0T095504 9 470 550 400 14 ECORACK19" 9U M 550x400/Pt.Vid./2Pn.Fix 505x580x170
211.ECAMA0P095506 9 470 550 600 18 ECORACK19" 9U M 550x600/Pt.Vid./2Pn. 650x660x170
211.ECAMA0T155504 15 727 550 400 16.5 ECORACK19" 15U M 550x400/Pt.Vid./2Pn.Fix 655x770x180
211.ECAMA0P155506 15 727 550 600 21 ECORACK19" 15U M 550x600/Pt.Vid./2Pn. 655x770x180

Basic Setup

  • (1x) Chassis structure with: 1 base, 1 top model and 2 sides
  • (2x) Side panels (removable only applies to the 600mm depth models)
  • (1x) Tempered glass front door
  • (2x) 19" Rack Mounting profiles w/ adjustable depth system
  • Kit "flat pack" (instructions manual included) or Carton-packaging, stretch film and wooden base for assembled solution
  • Colour: Antracite, Black (similar to RAL 9005)
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Standards and CE Compliance

  • ·         19” according EIA 310 D / DIN 41 494 / IEC 60 297
  • ·         IP20 according DIN 400 50 / IEC 60 529
  • ·         European directives 2014/35/CE (Low Voltage Electrical Equipment)
  • ·         European directives 2014/53/CE (Telecommunications Terminal Equipment)