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Olivetel was set up in 1993 following the major development seen in the areas of information technology, telecommunications and energy. Since its foundation, it has followed a policy of specialisation and innovation, factors considered critical for keeping apace with these target markets. 

We are a Certified Manufacturer, recognized internationally, and geared towards the implementation of technical equipment and solutions for information technology, telecommunications and energy.

We have a metalwork factory an engineering laboratory for research and development of products and solutions aimed at the Information Technology and Communications market, with special focus on structured cable systems in data communication networks, data centers cabinets and technical rooms / closed aisles solutions, telecommunication and energy cabinets for infrastructure and communication routes, such highways and railways. 

We produce standard and customized solutions to our Clients by request. 

Our products reach the market through retailers, distributors and information system installers, allowing OLIVETEL to develop commercial relationships with a wide Clients base. 

We are owners and creators of OLIRACK and ECORACK brands, whose quality and aesthetics are now a reference in the rack market, preferred by the national and international companies leading the information technology market. 

We are a COTEC SME Network Member. We do Innovation FOR and WITH our Partners and Clients.
In the Innovation projects, our Engineering & Design Office works as an extension of the competencies of our Clients. Together we transform ideas into products and business opportunities.

Our production unit is organised to respond to different market segments and, in this context, in order to give added value to our customers, we are structured to respond to different market demands:

  • Standard Products & Solutions – Ongoing production; 
  • Specific Products & Solutions – Specialised production; 
    • Through own designs; 
    • Through designs in partnership with customers. 
OLIVETEL’s products are entirely produced at its factory, prepared and equipped with machinery and systems operated under the most recent technology, in all phases of production.


We manufacture metalwork products of recognised quality; we are the leader in the national market and are internationally recognised, with competitive prices and delivery times, and geared towards computer and telecommunications solutions, which give added value to our customers’ businesses. 


We believe that our constant search for excellence and innovation and the training, qualification, knowledge and ethics of our human resources signify relationships of trust with our customers and allow us to provide added value not only as manufacturers but also as partners in innovative and integrated solutions that satisfy our customers. 

Being an active agent in the market, we have a social role to play and we feel the responsibility to fully comply with the duties instituted, maintaining an image of business precision and ethics.


Our aim is to be recognised on the national and international market as a manufacturer of quality products, capable of providing differentiated solutions for information technology and telecommunications, satisfying our customers while at the same time assuring the basic and social needs of our employees, as well as playing a useful role in the community we are based in.