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The OLIRACK SOLUTIONS TO STORE ICT EQUIPMENT range offers a number of solutions to accommodate computer equipment in different contexts and which need to be operated on a daily basis with guarantee of security and protection against unauthorized access and environment.


These cabinets are prepared to accommodate complete personal computer systems such CPU, Screen and Keyboard/Mouse. That can be installed in industrial environments in indoor areas such factories, warehouses, receptions, offices and open spaces with public circulation.

These solutions have 3 independent sections with key and allow the installation in rack or without rack.

The accommodation of the CPU in the lower close compartment, the accommodation of the display device in the upper close compartment and the keyboard and mouse accommodation in the intermediate compartment with drawer which can be opened to operate keyboard and closed where it is not used, ensure the daily operation safely and protects equipment from contaminated environments and unauthorized persons.

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Cabinets to store laptops and tablets with charging functionality and wireless spot, which can be installed in schools, universities, training centers and other areas with similar characteristics.

These mobile cabinets that can accommodate 24 laptops, ensures the security and guard of equipment and charge all battery's while not used.

The wireless option can be included, allowing to provide mobile access to the Internet in areas where it is used.

These cabinets have the FIX LOCK option that is a system to lock and holding units to the wall to prevent unauthorized movement of the units.

The top of the cabinet are prepared with power outlet that allows computers or projectors use for presentations.

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Shelving Monitoring and Video Surveillance with modular features that allow installation in rack or without rack of various compositions and types of equipment for monitoring and video surveillance.

For installation in centers and security rooms, technical centers and other spaces where the accommodation and coexistence of different equipment needs to be properly organized and operated.

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Kiosks for wall or floor installation for integration of any type of technology and functionality.

A solution to think about the installation of individual or shared s multimedia spots, internet access, ticketing etc. For installation inside in receptions, socializing spaces, museums and other spaces dedicated to events.

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