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The OLIRACK SAFE COMPUTER CABINETS are designed to safeguard computer systems in uncontrolled indoor environments such as public access interior areas, industrial areas and others.

It has as main objective to accommodate equipment and computer systems in the closed and prepared divisions for servers / towers, monitors / tft's and keyboards.

The sliding and keyed drawer allows access to the keypad only when necessary and by authorized persons.

The keyed doors in the lower and upper sections provide a access to the display and CPU, preventing unauthorized access to unauthorized persons.

Depending on the purpose and needs, you can choose different configurations.

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Safe IT and Computer Cabinets Top Glass door + Bottom Metal Door (Click to Expand Table)
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(Kit Flat Pack)
Code Us Useful Us total Passo Height
Useful height of installation Mounting Width
Useful installation depth
Description General Drawing Dimensions
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211.OIAF5HP360606 36 1745 600 600   OLIRACK19" 36U PIND3. 600x600/2Pt(V+M)+G/Pn./2Pn.
211.OIAF5HP360608 36 1745 600 800   OLIRACK19" 36U PIND3. 600x800/2Pt(V+M)+G/Pn./2Pn.