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General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions


The acceptance and satisfaction of any order is subject to the Sales General Conditions, as

1. Delivery and transport terms:

1.1 Goods shipped to foreigner countries occurs under the responsibility of the customer, being the responsibility of the choice of freight forwarder, as well as the
collection of the goods at OLIVETEL S.A within the following hours, Working Days:
9H00-12H30, 14H00-17H00;

1.2 Pallets and non-standard packaging will be subject to additional costs;

2. Devolutions terms:

2.1. OLIVETEL S.A. only accept devolutions under the following conditions:
2.1.1. Proved manufacture unconformities;
2.1.2. With confirmation / acceptance written by OLIVETEL, the goods must always be accompanied by a document proving the return agreed in advance;
2.1.3. Occurred up to 15 days after the delivery date, with a return note, such as our Packing list number or invoice referring to the delivery;

2.2 OLIVETEL S.A. don´t accept devolutions of:
2.2.1. Special product, made according specifications and at Customer's request;
2.2.2. Not exiting products in the OLIVETEL S.A. Products list;
2.2.3. Incomplete packaging;
2.2.4. For reasons unrelated to OLIVETEL S.A.

2.3 Any material that proposes the return, exchange and / or credit, will be subject to an inspection when your reception by the responsible of the Dispatch and Quality in our
warehouse, and will be applied a devaluation will, resulting from the damages/anomalies detected, Packaging material and administrative costs.

3. Quality and guarantee terms:

3.1 The products manufactured by OLIVETEL S.A. are submitted to a high quality control since the reception of raw materials in the production phase and the end of the
process, within the scope of our Certification by the Standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

3.2 The products of OLIVETEL S.A. are identified through a serial number that allow their traceability.

3.3 The products manufactured by OLIVETEL S.A. are under the guarantee provided in the legislation for movable property, 2 years.

3.4 The OLIVETEL S.A. guarantee is a replacement guarantee:
3.4.1. Replacement of components when removable;
3.4.2. Replacement of product when the origin of the anomaly occurs in structural components;

3.5 The guarantee process will be triggered:
3.5.1. After identification of the product through the serial number, to analyze the conformity of the use, conditions and proper application of the product according
to the requirements and initial assumptions of use provided by the Customer to OLIVETEL S.A. for its manufacture.
3.5.2 After verification of the previous point (3.5.1), the guarantee process shall be opened with the serial number of the product and immediate delivery of the
component or product for replacement.
3.5.3. Within the scope of the ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements, through the identification of the nonconforming product, OLIVETEL S.A. will subsequently
carry out the traceability and analysis of the origin of the nonconformity to determine the impacts and respective actions.

3.6 OLIVETEL S.A. does not make repairs and / or local interventions to components or products delivered and / or installed.

3.7 For reasons unrelated to OLIVETEL S.A. in case of an anomaly, and in case that the customer does not opt for the guarantee model replacement due to an internal
factors or constraints of any kind collaboratively and exceptionally, after analysis of the type of anomaly and under internal approval, OLIVETEL S.A. may, by decision
and at customer's request, suggest techniques that help it to carry out local interventions in order to minimize the anomaly in the damaged component or
product, being that, in this case the intervention it is the exclusive Responsibility of the Customer and the component or product, after being intervened, will no longer
be under guarantee of OLIVETEL S.A.

4. Payment terms:

4.1 The terms of payment are described in the Order Confirmation sent for your approval and that may be the following and with the respective conditions:
4.1.1. For the standard products: Advance bank transfer.
4.1.2. For the special products manufactured according customer specifications the payment conditions are: 40% with the order confirmation / 60% with the dispatch

4.2 Non-compliance with payment terms
4.2.1. In case of non-compliance with the Payment conditions described above, OLIVETEL S.A. reserves the right to: Suspend the supplies, being exempt of any responsibility in the delay of future deliveries inherent to the plans previously agreed between both parts by
default of the agreed payment conditions. Charge the value inherent to the occupation of the space of the dispatch area in the time period that the product is in OLIVETEL S.A. Interest charges applied on the payment delay basis Proceed to the instruction of a judicial collection process.

5. Supplies:

5.1. Purchase Orders
5.1.1. Purchase orders will only be accepted when they are in accordance with:
 Prices
 Commercial conditions
 Financial conditions
 And others previously agreed

5.1.2. Prices
In the course of supplying of a purchase order with an extended partial delivery plan, agreed in a business context with social, political, climatic or health stability, whenever for
reasons external to Olivetel, not controllable by it and which drastically change the initial context and consequently the values of raw materials increase by more than 5%, OLIVETEL reserves the right to readjust them and reflect on the price of subsequent deliveries.

5.1.3 Production/supply suspension If the readjustment provided for in point 5.1.2 is not accepted by the customer, OLIVETEL reserves the right to automatically suspend the production and consequent supply of material provided in the Purchase Order not yet provided.

OLIVETEL S.A.      Version 01/2023 – 31/03/2023