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Sub Contracting and Metal Parts Manufacturing

Apart our OLIRACK and ECORACK portfolio of products that you can see in top menu on our website, we provide PROJECT & CAD DESIGN Services, CUT & PUNCHING or LASER services, BENDING services, WELDING services and PAINTING services. These services can be requested individually according to your needs. Contact us and expose us your needs. We have a qualified professionals in all these areas that can help in your projects and ideas.
Engineering, Conception, Design & Project

This phase is developed with specific software solutions support for 3D conception and design, permitting connectivity with Cutting and Punching systems through an interfaces infrastructure. 

This integrated system increases the creative possibilities of the OLIVETEL project team and guarantees effective programming of cutting and punching systems, using high-performance, easy-to-use intuitive tools, allowing for the conception of quality products and a rate of innovation that is indispensable to our customers. 
Cutting and punching

These production units are made up of integrated computer numerical controlled (CNC) systems with automatic feeding and loading of the plate using special machines and suction cups, punching, high-precision cutting and unloading by conveyor belt; 

These systems are programmed through the existing connectivity and interfaces with the Engineering, Conception, Design & Project unit. 
Press Brakes 

We have high-precision descending press brakes machines with 2D and 3D computer numerical controlled (CNC) programming.

These systems permit high performance on all bending angles, placing at the disposition of the operator an on-screen 2D or 3D image of the work being done. 
Manual and Robotic Welding

In this production unit we use different techniques always appropriate to the needs and requirements of projects where we highlight among others:

·         The MIG / MAG, one of the processes most commonly used and applicable to most metals used in industry such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel and others.

 ·         The TIG process, considered one of the most complex processes of welding.

 ·         The welding point (Resistance Spot Welding RSW) welding technique in which the heat necessary to form the welded joint is obtained by resistance to passage of electrical current through the parts being welded.

As in all production units, here, methods of weld testing and analysis are used to assure the quality

Surface treatment of metal, Painting & Lacquering

This unit is installed in an approximately 80-metre long tunnel and is made up of an integrated and automated system which assures high-quality surface treatment for all of our products. 

This phase, in conjunction with all of the conception, is of major importance for the certification of the various levels of protection, in particular for our range of outdoor products. 

Surface treatment is made up of various stages; from degreasing /phosphating, through rinsing and drying, powder coating and polymerisation.