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Cabinets to accommodate and store laptops and tablets with wireless and charging functionality, which can be installed in schools, universities, training centers and different spaces with similar characteristics.


 Accommodation and loading up to 24 Units;
> Etiqueta Exterior para identificação da unidade móvel;
> Exterior label to unit identification;
> Ventilation features on the side and rear panels;
> Low noise indoor ventilation with adjustable thermostat;
> Reinforced door;
> Inviolable hinges;
> Inviolable panels and doors with interior fixation system;
> Lock with 3 close points
> Steering wheels with locking;
> Built-in side handles for maneuvering / moving the unit;
> Prepared to integrate Access Points
> Protected top for use as workbench (Projectors, Laptops to presentations)
Power outlet at the top / outside to connect equipment (laptops, projectors, etc.);
> User area (front) totally separate from the technical area (rear) and with different keys;
> Rear access to technical area;
> FIX-LOCK system to immobilize the unit to the wall or other type of surface;
> Earthing protection;
> Power cord, circuit breaker and "RJ45" connector on the rear panel.

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