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Our AnyRack concept consists of closing rooms / aisles customized for your cabinets regardless of the brand and its dimensions, allowing to monetize your infrastructure and the investment already made.
A considerable number of data centers and technical spaces need to evolve to more efficient configurations (ie reduce / condition the refrigeration area and / or treat heat dissipation by placing systems and cabinets in enclosed hallways) With less need for energy consumption and with a significant reduction in operating costs.

If there are cases where this transformation can be postponed in the medium term because there is still capacity, in other cases, the daily operation is already carried out within the limits, with exhausted capacity and at risk of broken service levels.

Our AnyRack concept allows you to do a quick and safety transition.

The existing solutions in the market, although presented as scalable, assume the acquisition of the complete solution, ie, the Client must migrate the units to new rooms and to new cabinets. These closed solutions result in a complete dependence of the manufacturer, where the entire solution (room components and cabinets) are from the same manufacturer, not taking into account, the true constraint in most Data Centers, the heterogeneity: Cabinets with different sizes and in operation.

Considering that this approach strengthens the risk and does not respond to the actual challenges and needs of the Data Center Managers, we have created the AnyRack concept, which consists of the application of customized modules to close aisles with existing cabinets and that can be of various dimensions and of different manufacturers.

The custom-made rooms and aisles is done using various components. If you need to include refrigeration units, they will be integrated into the final solution through our strategic partnerships 

AnyRack Components
> Panels (Dummy)
> Doors with sliding or hinged doors
> Acrylic or plate tops

Cooling Components - Direct Expansion Unit
> Inrow and Peripheral Solutions