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The OLIRACK OPTICAL FIBER cabinets for indoor installation, was designed and are prepared for fiber installations. The flexibility and productivity required in this type of facilities were provided with a set of functional features that facilitate installation.

The two front doors allow an 180 ° opening and are easily removable, allowing optimum front access, even in small spaces. On the sides as well as the rear, the panels are also removable via a quick release system, provide a easy access to all sides of the cabinet in installation and maintenance tasks.
The pivot unit is equipped with a handle, facilitating the opening and closing operations. This module has a limiting end stop to ensure that the module is parallel with the front doors when open.

The pivoting module with rotation of its axis by an angle of 100º allows host rack profile 19 ", ensuring this set a useful depth of 170mm between the half front doors and rack profiles as well as a distance of 400mm from the rear .

The upper pivoting module allows the installation of a horizontal platform 19" with a maximum height of 2U intended to accommodate and forward pach cords entering the opening of the ceiling, respecting the bending radius required for routing fiber.

The cable anchorage is performed through three adjustable crossbars in height and fixed in the rear of the rack uprights.

The routing and pach cords passage is made by a vertical wire mesh (100x35mm) provided along the upright interior rear of the rack.

The rigidity of the pivotal structure and its construction technique does not allow any kind of oscillation during its rotation, ensuring that even with the installation of substantial amounts of fiber, the pivot structure does not suffer warpage or deviation.

The left side of the pivoting module enables the installation of a cable support panel and respective accessories targeted in order to enable a correct routing pach cords and storage, ensuring that these properties remain at the opening and closing operations of the structure.

These drivers accessories can be fitted at any point in the cable support panel.

The right side of the pivoting module allows the installation of a vertical support provided with rings to ensure proper routing of vertical pach cords, ensuring their proper accommodation in opening and closing operations.

The top of the cabinet are prepared for cables or fiber optic inlet across all width at the rear. The ceiling also allows the cable entry, through an opening in the front part, with a router support that ensure the radius of curvature for fiber.

The bottom base cabinet also allows the entry of cables or optical fiber across the width of the rear section with dimensions of 570x150mm, accompanied by cable split accessory. This opening for wiring input is protected by a removable obturator cover and  respective rubber seals for security of the cables. At the base, are installed four adjustable levelers height up to 40mm.

All components ensure electrical continuity between each other via earthing points by copper-plated pins and M5 terminals.


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(Kit Flat Pack)
Code Us Useful Us total Passo Height
Useful height of installation Mounting Width
Useful installation depth
Description General Drawing Dimensions
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211.OCPPGHP2D0806   2200 800 600 107 2094 691 349 OLIRACK 2200x P Piv.Ind 800x600/Dup.Pt.Vid./Pn./2Pn.
For different sizes and configurations please, contact us

Standard Setup

  • (1x) Chassis
  • (1x) Top 
  • (2x) Tempered Double Glass Doors with rotary handle and key
  • (1x) Removal rear panel with quick release system 
  • (2x) Removal side panels with quick release system
  • (1x) Vertical wireframe
  • (1x) Pivoting structure
  • (4x) Adjustable height levelers
  • COLOR: RAL 7035

*** For different configurations and sizes, please contact us ***

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Standards and CE Compliance

  • 19” according to EIA 310 D / DIN 41 494 / IEC 60 297
  • IP20 according to DIN 400 50 / IEC 60 529
  • European Directives 2014/35/CE (Low Voltage Electrical Equipment)
  • European Directives 2014/53/CE (Telecommunications Terminal Equipment)