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The OLIRACK OPTICAL FIBER cabinets for outdoor installation, was designed and are prepared to protect fiber installations in outdoor environments.

The same protection afforded by the surface treatment applied to OLIRACK outdoor cabinets, ensures durability in adverse environmental and climatic conditions, such as those commonly occur in unprotected outdoor areas.

The OLIRACK FIBER OPTIC modular characteristics allow a wide range of configurations to suit the needs of your project.

Characterized by high efficiency, quality, robustness and security, was designed to allow a circulation and air flow, providing a natural control of condensation and prevent access to unqualified people, protect its contents from the weather and vandalism events.

-ANTI GRAFFITI solutions available.
-Surface treatment solutions with UL CERTIFICATION available (usual requirement for North American market).

Its functionality and scalability, provides a wide range of configurations and options such air conditioning, access customization and / or monitoring of events on installed units.

The interior can be fully configurable, which is a huge advantage for the installation projects when developing installation layouts.

Its modular characteristics allow the coexistence of pivoting interior structures, and backgrounds Platines and prepared bottom bases to fiber input.


Optical Fiber Outdoor Cabinets Click to expand table
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(Kit Flat Pack)
Code Us Useful Us total Passo Height
Useful height of installation Mounting Width
Useful installation depth
Description General Drawing Dimensions
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211.OCPQBUV1F6804   1160 680 400   OLIRACK 1160x P Piv.Out 680x400/
For different sizes and configurations please, contact us

Standard Setup Outdoor Optical Fiber Enclosures

  • Built in Galvanised Steel Plate
  • (1x) Chassis structure
  • (1x) Top Module prepared to forced Ventilation System 
  • (1x) Front Door: 
  • Sealing gasket
  • Inviolable hinge
  • Ventilation grids to natural ventilation
  • (1x) Rotating handgrip Lock w/ key
  • (2x) Filters to condensation control and ventilation impurities
  • (1x) Door retainer (opening limiter and auto-block system)
  • (3x) Fixed Panels (Side walls and Rear):
  • Sealing gasket
  • (1x) Pivoting structure
  • (1x) Stainless steel pedestal to install in concrete block
  • COLOUR: RAL 7035

Besides the Standard Setup presented, the Outdoors Enclosure Cabinets can be manufactured from different raw materials, sizes and configurations.

*** For different configurations and sizes, please contact us ***

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Make your own configuration 

Besides the Standard Setup presented, a wide range of  configurations are available, as Side DoorsRear DoorRemovable Panels with interior security systemDoors with Personalized Access ControlAir Conditioning SystemsBasic Top Module (not prepared for ventilation) and Personalized Pedestals.

Inside the cabinet also has a wide range of options to configure your installation as Bottom Bases with Specific Drilling, Flat or Perforated Metal Screens, Shelving’s and Pivot Modules for Optic Fiber Installations. The modular characteristics of OLIRACK Enclosure Cabinets, allow you to customize the interior of the cabinet, adapting it according to the requirements, increasing productivity in your installation.

Standards and CE compliance

  • ·         19” according EIA 310 D / DIN 41 494 / IEC 60 297
  • ·         21” according ETS 300 119-3
  • ·         IP55 according DIN 400 50 / IEC 60 529
  • ·         European directives 2014/35/CE (Low Voltage Electrical Equipment)
  • ·         European directives 2014/53/CE (telecommunications terminal equipment)